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NEW!  The Life of David

David was Israel’s greatest king, and the only person described as “a man after God’s own heart.” Yet David is not perfect, and there is much we can learn from his life and the psalms he wrote.

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Christmas at Calvary

Celebrate Christmas with John and The Verdict team at Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC!  Come in-person or watch via livestream for our free “At the Manger” Christmas Concert or Candlelight Christmas Eve at 3/5/7PM ET.

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Trusting God in Tough Times

Be encouraged in difficult times with real answers to real questions, such as “Why does trusting God really matter?”, “How can I overcome my fears and anxieties?” or “How do I deal with grief?”

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Avizandum Podcast

Why Gathering is Essential

Have you ever wondered why followers of Christ gather for worship? In a culture that often celebrates the individual, John shares why gathering is an essential part of spiritual life and maturity.

Give Thanks

Is giving thanks a part of your everyday mindset? What about in the midst of heartache or struggles? Join John as he shares the personal significance of Thanksgiving and why we give thanks.

What Are You Thinking?

Recent reports have shown a significant increase in symptoms of anxiety and depression in all ages, and mental health continues to be a key topic of conversation. Join John as he discusses experiencing peace in our minds and thoughts.