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ON-AIR: The Heart of the Gospel (Romans 1-4)

Arguably no book in the world has had such a powerful impact as Romans as the apostle Paul presents the magnificent truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Experience or revisit the first four chapters of Romans and better understand the heart of the Gospel.

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NEW: When a Nation Forgets God

During the time of Jeremiah, the nation of Israel abandoned the one true God, and in many ways our society has done the same. Learn how Jeremiah’s message of repentance and judgment is one we need to hear, but God’s mercy and compassion are still at work.

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For the Time is Near: Lessons From Revelation

The book of Revelation is given by God for our encouragement and warning. Be equipped by this accessible overview of key lessons, themes, and references by Pastor John Munro as you read and study the Scriptures.

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Avizandum Podcast

Entertaining the Goats

Some preachers and churches feel that it is necessary to put on an entertaining show to increase attendance. But how does this impact our view of the power and authority of Scripture? Join John as he discusses the biblical implications.

Labelling People

Isn’t it true that we often put labels on people to try to define or describe them? What about theological labels? Some people like to put these labels on themselves! Join John for thoughts on why this can be unhelpful to the Body of Christ.

Doing What You Are Told

Obedience can be a struggle for children and adults! But obedience is central to living a life which pleases God. Do you think of the commands in the Bible as optional, or no longer relevant? Join John for a fresh look at biblical commands and revisit why it is our delight to obey.