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ON-AIR: The Hope of the Gospel (Romans 5-8)

In Romans 5-8, Paul turns to deal with the impact and benefits of salvation. What difference does salvation make in our everyday lives? What is the central “Hope of the Gospel”?

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Jesus Speaks on Marriage and Gender

Receive clarity on some of our culture’s most confusing topics by studying the teaching of Jesus on marriage, sexuality, and gender. Are these matters of personal preference? What are the biblical principles, and why do they matter?

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The Heart of the Gospel (Romans 1-4)

Arguably no book in the world has had such a powerful impact as Romans as the apostle Paul presents the magnificent truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Experience or revisit the first four chapters of Romans and better understand the heart of the Gospel.

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Avizandum Podcast

Hating the Jews

Antisemitism has a long history, and the current conflict in Gaza has demonstrated that it continues in many places throughout the world. Why is this hatred so persistent? Join John for today’s new Avizandum podcast.

Let Freedom Ring

On July 4, we celebrate Independence Day and the privilege to live in a free country. Join John as he remembers becoming a US citizen, and reflects on the human desire to be free.