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ON-AIR: The Heart of the Gospel (Romans 1-4)

Arguably no book in the world has had such a powerful impact as Romans as the apostle Paul presents the magnificent truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Experience or revisit the first four chapters of Romans and better understand the heart of the Gospel.

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NEW: When a Nation Forgets God

During the time of Jeremiah, the nation of Israel abandoned the one true God, and in many ways our society has done the same. Learn how Jeremiah’s message of repentance and judgment is one we need to hear, but God’s mercy and compassion are still at work.

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For the Time is Near: Lessons From Revelation

The book of Revelation is given by God for our encouragement and warning. Be equipped by this accessible overview of key lessons, themes, and references by Pastor John Munro as you read and study the Scriptures.

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Avizandum Podcast

Burial or Cremation?

Is there anything wrong with a Christian being cremated? John deals with this very personal issue and common question raised by many families by offering biblical background and personal thoughts.

Marriage Advice

Having a strong and lasting Christian marriage means more than a beautiful ceremony. Don’t miss the podcast as John discusses important relationship considerations and the value of premarital counseling.

Justice for All

Equal justice under the law is a worthy goal. But the reality can be quite different. Recently John was thinking of some of the differences in US and Scottish criminal trials, and he draws our attention to God’s requirements for us in our dealings with one another.