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(Featured) Trusting God in Tough Times

Be encouraged in difficult times with real answers to real questions, such as “Why does trusting God really matter?”, “How can I overcome my fears and anxieties?” or “How do I deal with grief?”

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What Would You Ask God?

Do you ever wonder what God is really like? Discover and know the one true God: consider the evidence of His existence, get a glimpse of His power, and experience how He has revealed Himself!

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Next Steps in Following Jesus (20 CD-set)

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Avizandum Podcast

What is an “Evangelical”?

An increasing number of “evangelical” Americans say they base their beliefs on their personal opinions. What about the Word of God? Join John as he explores the implications of this dramatic shift.

Keeping Ourselves From Idols

The word “idols” may prompt images of small statues being worshiped, but idolatry in our culture can be much more subtle. Do you love anything or anyone more than God? Join John as he discusses the importance of our priorities.