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Eternal Security: Certainty in a Chaotic World

Be encouraged as John discusses why followers of Jesus Christ can be assured of their salvation and better understand the implications of salvation by grace.

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For the Time is Near: Lessons From Revelation

The book of Revelation is given by God for our encouragement and warning. Be equipped by this accessible overview of key lessons, themes, and references by Pastor John Munro as you read and study the Scriptures.

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The Book of Ruth Study Guide

Join us as we study the delightful Old Testament book of Ruth. Learn what it means to live by radical faith, trusting God even when the future seems bleak and uncertain, and see the unfolding of a beautiful biblical love story.

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Avizandum Podcast

Only Jesus

Sometimes people may sound quite spiritual when they avoid debate or conflict by saying, “Well, I just love Jesus.” Do we think that Jesus is somehow softer, warmer, or more forgiving? It’s essential to understand who the Lord Jesus is.

Thanksgiving and Suffering

In a few days those of us in the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving. But in the midst of our troubled world it might seem difficult to give thanks. Learn why having a God-centered perspective makes all the difference.

Israel and Hamas

Jews have experienced unparalleled hatred for thousands of years. Today we may be shocked at the protests throughout the world against Israel and for Hamas. What are we as the people of God to do?